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For all your First Aid Courses in Dorset, choose ARK Medical. 
At Ark Medical Solutions, we believe that every person should have the knowledge and skills to handle an emergency situation. We take pride in providing relevant and comprehensive First Aid courses to individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout Dorset. Our courses are designed to meet the specific needs of each client, including on-site training and bespoke packages. We also offer a variety of First Aid supplies, such as kits, equipment, and defibrillators. For all your First Aid needs, choose Ark Medical Solutions.

For Group Bookings of all our offered courses, please contact us.

'Taught by those that do the job, not just teach it'

Our Clients & Partners

Nuco Training, training and course content provider for first aid courses and safeguarding taught by Ark Medical instructors
First Aid Awards logo highlighting how Ark Medical first aid courses in dorset and FAA approved qualifications
NUCO Training logo, course content and training body for Ark Medical Solutions
Swanage Community Defibrillator Partnerships, the original charity established for Pubic Access Defibrillators
Carer Friendly Logo, Partner of Ark Medical for carers discount on first aid courses in dorset
The Dorset Hamper Company - Client of Ark Medical Solutions
Paediatric First Aid Instructors badge, showing Ark Medical as a paediatric and children's first aid training provider
Purbeck Media Logo a partner and provider to Ark Medical Solutions for our consumables and supplies
FAA First Aid Awards logo, highlighting Ark Medical Solutions as an approved training provider of first aid in Dorset
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