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Add our Bleed and Critical Injury Kit to your existing first aid kit for comprehensive trauma management.


The tourniquet included in the pack is designed for one-handed application, making it easy to use in emergency situations. The haemostatic dressings have been specifically chosen for their ability to control severe bleeding and are ideal for use in traumatic injuries.


With its compact size and comprehensive contents, the Critical Injury Pack is an essential addition to any first aid kit for those working in high-risk environments.



1x Guidance Leaflet

1x Contents List

1x Nitrile Disposable Glove (Pair)

1x Tuff Cut Scissors

2x Large Trauma Dressing

2x Haemostatic Dressing

1x C A Tourniquet Black

1xThermal Blanket

This kit is contained in a water-resistant tear open pack, allowing for easy access in critical moments.

Bleed and Critical Injury Kit

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