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The Brayden Baby PRO Manikin is the ultimate training tool for health care professionals seeking to perfect their paediatric CPR skills.


This advanced manikin provides numeric, quantitative data driven feedback via Bluetooth, which can be linked to a free App for use on a tablet or smart phone.


With real-time feedback on key CPR parameters, such as compression depth and rate, via the manikin’s connection to Brayden Online, users can experience an immersive and retentive learning experience like never before.


The Brayden Baby PRO Manikin is designed to provide the most realistic and effective training experience possible, ensuring that health care professionals are fully prepared to save the lives of infants in emergency situations.


Brayden Baby can also be used for Newborn Life Support training and assessment, as well as Paediatric Basic Life Support.


Fully compliant with AHA and ERC 2015 Guidelines, this PRO manikin includes all the anatomical features and functions of the Brayden Baby Advanced with Lights plus, it allows for a full CPR scenario assessment to be carried out, including the use of a defibrillator, providing a realistic training experience.


With the ability to connect up to 6 manikins to a tablet or smartphone, multiple students can engage in hands-on training, making it perfect for group training sessions.


This state-of-the-art manikin comes equipped with a Bluetooth link to a free App that can be used on a tablet or smart phone, allowing users to record all key CPR metrics including compression depth, rate, hand position, release ventilation volume ventilation rate, hands-off chest time, and chest compression fraction. The app provides real-time feedback and analysis, making it the perfect tool for CPR training and certification. 


The Brayden Online platform allows for easy integration of training data into your Learning Management System, making it ideal for independent trainers and large organizations alike. 


Brayden Baby PRO Manikin

SKU: 25784
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