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The Brayden Junior Advanced Conversion Kit is a must-have for CPR and first aid training programs, as it provides a realistic training experience for users of all ages.


With the conversion kit, users can practice both adult and junior CPR techniques using the same Brayden Advanced Manikin, making it a cost-effective and versatile training tool for CPR instructors and students.


The face and chest skin are made of durable, high-quality materials to withstand repeated use and provide a realistic training experience. The spring ensures that the chest skin maintains its proper position during compressions, enhancing the overall training quality for students.


Whether you are training healthcare professionals, first responders, or lay rescuers, the Brayden Junior Advanced Conversion Kit offers a seamless transition for practicing CPR on both junior and adult patients.


Please note, this is a conversion kit and not a complete manikin. You must have a Brayden Adult Manikin for this product. if you wish to buy both an adult manikin and this conversion kit together, please contact us for a quote. 



1 Brayden Junior Face Skin

1 Brayden Junior Body Skin

2 Spring Adaptors

1 Junior Spring


  • Only one manikin required for both adult and paediatric BLS training
  • Anatomically correct for a 10 – 12 year old
  • Chest compression compliance and ventilation
  • Intuitive feedback lights on Brayden Junior work in the same way as on Brayden Adult Advanced
  • Less storage and less weight to carry
  • Latex free skin
  • Easy AED training pad removal


Individual accessories can be bought separately



Brayden Junior Advanced Conversion Kit

SKU: 3682
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