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The Brayden OBI PRO Manikin is an award-winning CPR training tool designed to meet the needs of both CPR instructors and trainees.


With the Brayden Online training system, users have the flexibility to practice compressions only, ventilations only, or a complete CPR scenario, making it suitable for a variety of educational settings.


This lifelike manikin features accurate chest rise and fall to provide a realistic training experience for trainees. The Brayden Adult Pro is an essential tool for CPR training, offering a versatile and comprehensive training platform to ensure trainees are fully equipped to respond to real-life emergencies. Whether in a classroom setting or as part of medical professional training, the Brayden OBI PRO Manikin is an invaluable resource for hands-on CPR practice.


Complete an assessment in full compliance with AHA and ERC Guidelines with this manikin and its linked app for your tablet or mobile device. A reliable Bluetooth connection to an iPad and a simple FREE download from the App Store is all you need to open up extensive possibilities in the running of your CPR training programs.


With the option to purchase Obi as a complete manikin or as a conversion kit for your existing adult manikins, the Brayden OBI allows for inclusivity and diversity within your BLS training programs.


This anatomically accurate manikin features nasal and mouth features representative of a black adult male, making it an ideal tool for training in a variety of scenarios. Its lifelike appearance and realistic feel make it a valuable asset for any CPR training program.


Whether you are teaching healthcare professionals or laypersons, the Brayden OBI PRO Manikin will provide a realistic and effective training experience.


Free Carry Case with integral training mat
Standard Accessories include
2 Face Pieces
2 Lung Bags
10 x Face Shields

Tablet not included.

Available on iOS and Android.

Brayden OBI PRO Manikin

SKU: 25823
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