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Introducing our highly visible Emergency Burns Kit, perfect for use in the workplace, at home, or while traveling.


This kit provides fast and effective relief from burns, scalds, and sunburn, making it an essential addition to any first aid setup. Available in standard or extra size, our kit is suitable for a variety of needs and can be easily stored in a convenient location for quick access in emergencies. Don't wait until it's too late - be prepared with our Burn First Aid Kit.


Contents Size (Standard / Extra)

Burns Dressing (L) (1/2)

Burns Dressing (M) (2/2)

Non Adherent Dressing (M) (2/2)

Non Adherent Dressing (S) (2/0)

Burn Gel (8/16)

Eye Wash Pods 20ml (5/5)

Crepe Bandage (1/1)

Conforming Bandage (2/2)

Gloves (Pair) (2/2)

Microporous Tape (1/1)

Scissors (1/1)

Burn First Aid Kit

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