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DefibSafe 3 External Cabinet  in Orange


The Defibsafe 3 is the ideal external cabinet to house lifesaving defibrillators in any environment thanks to its IP66 rating – the highest rating in the industry. Constructed from extremely durable materials, the cabinet is protected from inclement weather and corrosion. It also has a watertight seal and a UV-resistant coating, shielding the defibrillator from the elements and a secure locking mechanism preventing unauthorised access. The outer LED lights provide ease of location in day and night.


The DefibSafe 3 external cabinet for housing defibrillators can be locked or unlocked with a pin code at installation. This gives you the flexibility to choose the level of security that is right for your needs.


Locked or Unlocked? You Choose:

If you are installing the DefibSafe 3 in a public place, such as a school, park, or business, you may want to lock the cabinet to prevent unauthorized access. This will help to ensure that the defibrillator is available only to those who need it in an emergency.

If you are installing the DefibSafe 3 in a private place, such as your home or office, you may want to unlock the cabinet so that you have immediate access to the defibrillator in an emergency.


Lighting Ring:

The DefibSafe 3 provides a highly visible, ring of coloured light to illuminate the presence of the cabinet but also provide quick feedback on it’s operational status. When the cabinet is glowing green, it means the cabinet is operational and ready to be used. When it is glowing red, it means the cabinet is open and the defibrillator is in use!


Dynamic LCD Screen:

  • Measures the ambient temperature inside the cabinet
  • Measure the current humidity within the cabinet
  • Tells you if the cabinet is current locked or unlocked


Defibrillator Sold Separately

DefibSafe 3 External Cabinet – Orange

SKU: 5558
£760.00 Regular Price
£629.95Sale Price
Colour Option: orange
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