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HSE First Aid Refill Kits:


Our HSE First Aid Refill Kits are designed to meet Health and Safety Executive requirements, providing a comprehensive restocking solution for workplace first aid kits.


Each kit contains an assortment of bandages, dressings, gloves, and other essential first aid items, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with legal health and safety regulations. With our refill kits, employers can easily maintain their first aid supplies and ensure that their employees are always prepared to handle minor medical emergencies.


Choose our HSE First Aid Refill Kits to keep your workplace first aid supplies fully stocked and up to date.



size (10/20/50 Person)

First Aid Guidance (1/1/1)

Plasters (20/40/60)

Eye Pads (2/4/6)

Triangular Bandage (4/6/8)

Safety Pins (6/12/12)

Medium Dressing (6/9/12)

Large Dressing (2/3/4)

Wipes (Sterile) (6/10/20)

Gloves (Pair) (1/2/3)

HSE First Aid Refill Kits

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