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These replacement electrode pads are designed to work with the iPAD SP1 Semi Auto and Fully Auto AED, as well as the SP2 defibrillator.


Their innovative design allows them to be used on both adult and child patients, making them perfect for emergency situations where any age group may be in need of treatment.


The adult-sized pads are equipped to be used on children as well, thanks to the paediatric switch feature on the iPAD SP1. This means that these pads are suitable for patients aged 1-8 years old, offering versatility and peace of mind in critical situations.


Whether you're using the iPAD SP1 or SP2, these high-quality pads are an essential replacement for your defibrillator, ensuring that you can provide effective treatment for both adult and paediatric patients.

iPAD SP1 & SP2 Adult and Child Electrode Pads

SKU: 2172
  • WEIGHT 0.1 kg

    iPAD SP1, iPAD SP2


    Adult (8+), Child (1 – 8)


    Up to 24 Months

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